Kep town


Beach lovers can spend the last days of the trip in Kep. Formerly Cambodia's main spa destination, it is now a quiet city compared to the tourist beaches of Sihanoukville (however, if they have a limited budget and are looking for activities, they will prefer Sihanoukville). You can easily go to Kep from Phnom Penh (between 5 or 6 hours by car). The landscape of Kep is steep, with a short stretch of beach surrounded by mangrove forests and a rocky coastline. There is seafood in abundance and they are very cheap. Tonsay ("The rabbit island") is only a few kilometers from Kep. It is a relaxing place, perfect for diving and with a couple of white sand beaches. You can also hike through the jungle of Bokor National Park to the top of Bokor Mountain. On the way, you can see an old royal villa, church and other buildings, nowadays abandoned.